Arc of Appalachia Educational Programs in the Age of Covid 19

As the Arc continues to adapt to life in the age of the Coronavirus we have adjusted our educational programming to the new world reality. We have decided to offer a limited selection of outdoor educational events, some self-guided, others with interpretive naturalists supplying their expertise to assist our nature enthusiasts. All will be organized to permit safe social distancing, proper hygiene, and masks when appropriate. All will be held outside, without classroom sessions. Perhaps the most significant change is these events will be offered with a minimal charge, or no charge at all. We encourage you to join us as we share our immersion in, and awe of the natural world. We believe that heart-felt awe leads to deep appreciation, which engenders an attitude of gratitude, ultimately leading us into a spirit of reciprocity. It is an interesting observation that even though the Coronovirus had a decidedly negative impact on human beings, the corresponding affect on the natural world was much more positive. Why don’t you join us and see what all the buzz is about?

Also, remember that most of our hiking trails are open to the public for you to explore at your own pace and in your own time. Click here for more information.


Red Rock Bluffs, Photo By Tom Croce

The Appalachian Forest School – 2021 Edition

A lot has changed in the last 12 months. This time, one year ago, we were in the midst of organizing the educational events for 2020. The registration for some events was already filled. We had nine events planned, guest speakers reserved, and a lot of the ground work already completed. Reacting to the the new world order for human life prompted by the global pandemic, our educational program was put on hold. Now, we have decided to make another foray into educational events. Only, this year there will be a little different tone. It is our desire that participants in our educational events find an even more convincing reason to fall in love with the outdoors and our natural world. We have endeavored to make our events educationally stimulating, compliant with the requirements of social distancing and safe hygiene, and perhaps most importantly, very economical. Meals are not a central component of the events so, yes, we will all miss the fantastic dinner fare. But this change alone enables us to minimize the expense for you, our valued guests. We are currently fine-tuning the details and more information will be coming soon as well as the links to connect you with this years events. So stay tuned!