Every non-profit has its niche. Ours is to buy back the land. Help us turn dollars into diversity.

DONE!!! 8 Acquisitions &  1 Gift     524 Acres      Total Cost: $2,373,286     Remaining Balance: $0

During the corona virus pandemic, most of the Arc preserves’ hiking trails remain open to the public. Temporarily closed are the Appalachian Forest Museum, the Museum trails, and Serpent Mound.  With many restrictions now lifting, we are reopening lodges at the Highlands Nature Sanctuary and are now accepting reservations beginning June 15, 2020 and forward.

      Every non-profit has its niche. Ours is to buy back the land. Help us turn dollars into diversity.
 Current Land Campaign DONE!!!!    8 Acquisitions, 1 Gift     524 Acres      Total Cost of Campaign $2,373,286

Dear Friends,

America is hunkering down to save as many lives as possible as we brace for the spread of the corona virus. By witnessing how this virus has expressed itself in China and Italy, we now know that we can save lives – maybe thousands of lives – by limiting gatherings and travel. As the Arc does its share, please know that we are keeping most of our hiking trails open to the public, including the trail systems at Chalet Nivale, Junction, Fort Hill, and Gladys Riley Golden Star Lily Preserve. Trails remaining open at the Highlands Nature Sanctuary are: Kamelands, Maude’s Cedar Narrows, Roundtop, Barrett’s Rim, Cedar Run, Listening Trail, Crow Point, and Ridgeview Farm. Temporarily closed is the Appalachian Forest Museum (it was scheduled to open April 1) and the three trails that share the Museum’s parking lot: Etawah Woods, Valley of the Ancients, and Barrier Ridge.

Serpent Mound is also temporarily closed. The Arc is the contract manager for this park, which is owned by the Ohio History Connection (OHC). Just days before we closed the park, Serpent Mound was welcoming visitors from as far away as Europe and California. It’s a world gathering place, and making the sacrifice to close such destinations is prudent in these times. In the same spirit, the Arc is cancelling all of our public events through early May while we wait and watch to see what the corona virus will do. If you signed up for any of our spring events, such as the Wildflower Pilgrimage, you will be contacted with more details.

Based on China’s experience, our best guess is that in 6-12 weeks we might be able to resume normal activities. We will temporarily be closing our lodges and will not be taking reservations until after July 1. If you book a stay after July 1, normal refund polices will apply. Meanwhile, please DO hike. Nature is rejuvenating, and we hope you can enjoy the many miles of trails that the Arc of Appalachia is providing to the public. Our many cancelled events are allowing our staff to spend more time on FOUR new Arc trail systems, all of which are advancing on their public opening dates.

We are continuing to do our land preservation work, too, even during this health crisis. Our supporters wiped out the remaining balance on our major campaign that was just announced last October, adding 524 acres of natural areas to the preserve system!! We are now working on FIVE new projects, soon to be announced. Please take care of yourself, and please, do everything you can to be well.

Nancy Stranahan, Director


Campaign Balances – Updated 1/27/2020

Trillium Hollow                            $0                         100% complete

Red Rock Bluffs                            $0                         100% complete

Lewis Family Gorge at HNS      $0                          100% complete

Otter Banks at HNS                    $0                         100% complete

God’s Country II at HNS            $0                          100% complete

4 Tracts at HNS                            $0                         100% complete