Mary W. Photo By Roy Willman
Photo By Tim Pohlar


Interested in taking an active role caring for the trails you love? Join the Arc of Appalachia Trailblazers, an organized volunteer group standing side by side with the preserve system’s land stewardship team. The main focus is trail maintenance and development projects that span the spectrum from light, individual tasks, to bigger, group oriented work days. Visit the Trailblazers page for more information.

Biodiversity Brigade

Attempting to control the onslaught of invasive plants on Arc properties is a perennial struggle. Each preserve presents its own unique challenges that are met by the Arc’s land stewardship team and a cadre of dedicated volunteers known as the “Biodiversity Brigade.” Whether you are a volunteer who prefers to be a solitary worker or one who enjoys group work days, visit the Biodiversity Brigade page for more information.

Gina H. Wildflower Pilgrimage Volunteer

If You Only Do One Thing, DO THIS!

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