Mary W. Photo By Roy Willman
Photo By Tim Pohlar


Trailblazers are trained by Arc Staff to independently monitor and care for a chosen trail system at one of Arc of Appalachia’s many preserves. Trailblazers visit their adopted trails at least once a month – trimming back vegetation and reporting to staff the short term and long term needs of the preserve’s trails. They are an essential extension to the eyes, ears, and hands of the land stewardship staff, ensuring the quality and safety of our preserve’s hiking trails.


Land Stewardship

Biodiversity Brigade volunteers work in concert with the Arc’s staff to complete a variety of forest stewardship asks, including planting trees, monitoring tree diseases, restoring rare ecoystems, and – most importantly – removing non-native invasive plants that threaten the balance of our most sensitive ecosystems. Biodiversity Brigade volunteers work to restore, protect and perpetuate native plant and animal communities in the Arc’s growing preserve system.

Tremper Mound Coalition

Protecting Tremper Mound, a fascinating 2,000-year-old ceremonial site within the heart of the scenic Lower Scioto River valley, is the largest project ever undertaken by the Arc of Appalachia. Two counties outside of our headquarters at the Highland Nature Sanctuary, with 600+ acres of protected ground and an educational/lodging facility in operation, we are more dependent than ever on volunteers to help establish and maintain Tremper Mound as a renowned historical site.

Museum Hosting

Museum Hosts are the primary hosts at our Museum at Sanctuary on the weekends, spring through fall, providing essential visitor information. Volunteer lodging is available at Ash Ayden Volunteer Center, and/or (with hosting) at our new Barrett’s Millhouse Lodge. Write us at

Gina H. Wildflower Pilgrimage Volunteer

Event Cooking

Volunteer Cooks join our staff team at the Highlands Nature Sanctuary to prepare food and clean up afterwards for our large annual events, including the Wildflower Pilgrimage and Mothapalooza. No experience needed to learn how to make the Arc’s signature delicious food. Write us at