The Arc of Appalachia Preserves stewards highly protected nature preserves. Please read complete regulations before visiting, only some of which are summarized here: Remain on trails at all times, walking in single file to protect bulbs of native wildflowers bordering the trail. Do not disturb, pick nor collect flowers, plants, rocks, or wildlife. Hunting, caving, fishing, trail biking,  rock climbing, wading, camp fires and swimming are prohibited. Many Arc trails border dangerous, potentially life-threatening cliffs: Trails can be narrow, uneven, and steep; with possible ticks, poison ivy, and stinging nettle. Keep children close at hand, and hike at your own risk. Click here for a complete list of dog-friendly trails. Most trails do not permit dogs.


Hiking Trails are open sunrise to sunset year-round, weather permitting.  Dogs permitted on leash only. ​

Notice: Signs for the preserve are currently on their way! There are no road or trail signs to guide you.

Red Trillium Trail – 3.3 Mile Loop

Difficulty – Difficult
This trail ascends 800 ft along a natural surface trail, with many rapid ascents and descents, uneven surfaces, and travels near cliff edges

Description: The Red Trillium Trail is a challenging but rewarding back country trail.  The trail ascents high into the Appalachian hills, offering many stunning views of the Ohio River below.  After reaching the peak of the hill, it descends into the rich woodlands of Trillium Hollow, where the modern world ceases and one is immersed in the deep woods, filled with birds songs, ferns, frogs,  and native wildflowers.  The historical remnants of the sandstone mining can be seen at many points along the trail, as well as the large vernal pools that are now breeding habitat for a variety of amphibians.  The trail then returns to the ridge line, and descends back to the trailhead.