Rock Run is an 802-acre Arc Preserve region protecting the Appalachian hill country surrounding the exceptionally deep ravine of Rock Run, a small but pristine creek that flows directly out of Shawnee Forest and into the Ohio River. Click here for more preserve information.

Trail Offerings & Details:  The Red Trillium Trail is a challenging but rewarding back country trail with stunning views of the Ohio River below and the hills of Kentucky on its far shore. Rock Run is an incredibly picturesque landscape. After reaching the ridge-top from the base of the hill on HWY-52, the trail drops down into the rich woodlands of Trillium Hollow, where the sounds of the highway and the bustling enterprises of the Ohio River suddenly vanish. Here one is immersed in the deep woods – surrounded by birds songs, ferns, frogs, and native wildflowers. The historical remnants of the sandstone mining can be seen at many points along the trail, including massive 19th century boundary markers carved out of stone, as well as the large vernal pools that are now breeding habitat for a variety of amphibians. The trail then loops back to the ridge line, and back to the trailhead. The road entrance is.fully signed to a graveled parking lot and the path is clearly marked with directional arrows. To see the Red Trilliums, visit in mid-April. Before hiking , click here for hours and directions, and  download a trail map. All Arc trails are well signed.

Be sure to review hiking regulations before visiting. Click here to view. You are entering a highly protected nature preserve. Regulations include staying on the trail at all times, and not collecting nor disturbing any plant including wildflowers, nor animals and minerals. Please help us keep the preserve a true Sanctuary for the plants and animals, and future visitors. Flower bulbs take 7 years to bloom. Please do not pick or disturb any of Rock Run’s flowers. Picking spring wildflowers will either kill them outright, or set them back for many years.

Important Safety Warning: Trails are narrow and unlevel; traversing dangerous cliff country. It is against regulations to go off trail and extremely dangerous. Other standard outdoor perils exist, such as ticks, poison ivy and treacherous footing in the winter or after a rain. Visitors must understand that they hike at their own risk. For their well being, children must be kept close to their guardians and carefully in hand.

About our Dog Friends: Although most Arc trails do not permit dogs due to the density of flower bulbs lining the trails, YES, Red Trillium Trail does permit dogs if kept on a 6-foot leash. To protect flower bulbs and native plants from soil compaction and accidental contact damage, please guide your dog to walk either in front of you or behind you.