A gift to the earth does a world of good.

Here are the steps for completing your online donation:

  1. Fill out the form below with contact information & amount (scroll down for form) 
  2. Push the submit button. You will be directed to the payment page.
  3. If you are not redirected, click here
  4. Choose among two payment options: PayPal or credit/debit card.

Donors giving at least $35 annually will receive:

  • The Arc’s highly acclaimed annual winter magazine in the mail (donations under $35 will receive the magazine digitally)
  • Invitation to annual Donor Gathering Celebration each Fall
  • Confirmation of your fully tax-deductible donation

Do you have a favorite land campaign or other project? Restricted donations are always accepted and strictly honored. Please note on your submission your wishes.

Prefer to write a check? Send to The Arc of Appalachia, 7660 Cave Road, Bainbridge, OH 45612. Download Donation Form. 

Would you like to set up a recurring donation? Click here to create a recurring donation. Be sure to click the check box under the donation amount.

Arc of Appalachia/Highlands Nature Sanctuary Financials:
2020 990

We have two names! The Arc of Appalachia is a registered dba (doing business as) for the nonprofit The Highlands Nature Sanctuary, our founding name when we just had one preserve. We now have over twenty! We are one and the same nonprofit. Checks can be written to either name. Our 1099 is submitted under Highlands Nature Sanctuary. Bequests should list The Highlands Nature Sanctuary.

Stocks, Gifts and Estate Planning:

A Bequest: To name us in your will, please use our legal name: The Highlands Nature Sanctuary, Inc. Please contact us for our tax ID number at 937-365-1489 or director@arcofappalachia.org

A Charitable Trust: Setting up a trust now can provide endowment funds to the Arc after your passing, while providing the benefit of immediate tax deductions. The Columbus Foundation, one of the largest and most prestigious foundations in the United States, works with the Arc to assist you in this planning process. Contact Brad Britton at 614-251-4000 or bbritton@columbusfoundation.org.

A Gift of Stock: Gifting the Arc with appreciated stocks avoids capital gains tax and the value of the gift is tax deductible. The Columbus Foundation accepts tax-deductible gifts of stock on behalf of the Arc’s education and land acquisition missions. Contact Brad Britton at 614-251-4000 or bbritton@columbusfoundation.org.