Every non-profit has its niche. Ours is to buy back the land. Help us turn dollars into diversity. Our current land projects are below.

      We are proud to announce the Arc of Appalachia’s largest land acquisition campaign EVER, composed of the following eight properties. Thanks to an already-awarded Clean Ohio grant and a substantial bargain sale, each dollar you give will leverage a total of four. Link up with a donation and help us complete this campaign by our goal date of August, 2017, adding 918 new acres of protected natural areas to Ohio.

Archaeology Day at Serpent Mound

Saturday, August 19, 2017

We are celebrating Ohio’s rich American Indian legacies. Attend lectures by prominent archaeologists, tour artifact displays and bring your own collection for help in interpreting what you’ve found, and try your own hand at ancient skills from flint-knapping to atlatl throwing. Click here for more information.


Fall Women's Retreat

Friday through Sunday, September 22-24, 2017

The ever-popular Women’s Retreat, now in its 11th year, is a true Sanctuary traditionEnjoy the company of other like-minded women and get back to nature in the way that suits you best – whether it be hiking with new friends, meditating under a tree, journaling, or getting a massage on a quiet deck under the canopy of trees. This retreat offers something rarely afforded in our busy lives – taking time out to relax as much as you wish, and participating in optional nature hikes. This is a great way to meet new friends, explore the Sanctuary’s trails, and find that peaceful space within. Click here for more information.


Visit Highlands Nature Sanctuary

At 2200 acres, the Sanctuary is the largest of the Arc’s preserves, and offers its most beautiful hiking trails. At the preserve’s heart is the sheer-walled limestone gorge of the Rocky Fork  in a region filled with rock formations, springs, and grottos. The preserve offers overnight lodging and the Appalachian Forest Museum (seasonal hours).

Photo courtesy of Tim Anderson, Jr. All rights reserved.

Visit Serpent Mound

The winding sinews stretching 1,348 feet, Serpent Mound is the largest and most internationally recognized of all the world’s ancient effigy mounds. The exact identity of the American Indians who constructed the mound is still a mystery, but their accomplishment still elicits a feeling of humility and awe in visitors today.

Visit Fort Hill

Fort Hill not only protects a 2000 year old large earthen-walled ceremonial enclosure on its flat ridgetop, but the 1400 acre preserve shelters one of the finest and oldest forests in Ohio. Eleven miles of  trails immerse hikers in the beauty of Ohio’s Appalachian hill-country, the remote trails shaded by towering trees. Interpretive Museum open seasonal hours.