The Arc of Appalachia ~ saving Ohio’s wildlands.

View our 15 preserves & the Arc’s 2016 Land Acquisition Campaign – our largest ever.


Current Acreage: 4272

Land Campaign: +861

11th Annual Wildflower Pilgrimage

April 15 – 17, 2016

This year’s weekend Pilgrimage features day long field trips to southern Ohio’s most stunning and memorable floral showcases, led by some of Ohio’s finest naturalists and botanists. Friday and Saturday evening presentations feature Olivia Carril, Author of Bees in Your Backyard; A Field Guide to North American’s Bees, and Denise Ellsworth, Honeybee and Native Pollinator Education Director at OSU’s Bee Lab.

Visit Highlands Nature Sanctuary

At 2200 acres, the Sanctuary is the largest of the Arc’s preserves, and offers its most beautiful hiking trails. At the preserve’s heart is the sheer-walled limestone gorge of the Rocky Fork  in a region filled with rock formations, springs, and grottos. The preserve offers overnight lodging and the Appalachian Forest Museum (seasonal hours).

Photo courtesy of Tim Anderson, Jr. All rights reserved.

Visit Serpent Mound

The winding sinews stretching 1,348 feet, Serpent Mound is the largest and most internationally recognized of all the world’s ancient effigy mounds. The exact identity of the American Indians who constructed the mound is still a mystery, but their accomplishment still elicits a feeling of humility and awe in visitors today.

Visit Fort Hill

Fort Hill not only protects a 2000 year old large earthen-walled ceremonial enclosure on its flat ridgetop, but the 1400 acre preserve shelters one of the finest and oldest forests in Ohio. Eleven miles of  trails immerse hikers in the beauty of Ohio’s Appalachian hill-country, the remote trails shaded by towering trees. Interpretive Museum open seasonal hours.