5:00 to 8:00: Check in at Beechcliff. No dinner served, so please eat ahead or bring it with you! Perhaps, go out to a local eatery in Bainbridge.
8:00: Group gathering at Beechcliff


7:45 ish: Morning stretch with yoga
8:30: Breakfast
9:30: Hike and lunch on the trail
Afternoon: Time to relax
Dinner at Beechcliff with everyone helping to make a delicious dinner.
Relax for the rest of the evening.


7:45 ish: Morning stretch with yoga
8:45: Breakfast
9:30: Morning walk along Rocky Fork Creek gorge and a look at the murals at the Appalachian Forest Museum
11:30: Lunch is what we have left over from Saturday. There is plenty!
Time to head home. Or you can take another hike at the Sanctuary. Or have a massage. You are welcome to stay. We try to be out of the lodge after lunch.