Gladys Riley Nature Preserve is named after the Golden Star Lily, an early April wildflower that is rare or endangered throughout its Midwestern range. Although it only grows in this immediate region in Ohio, at the preserve it grows in abundance. Click here for more preserve information.


Trail Offerings & Details:  The preserve features two trails totaling 3.5 miles in length. The White Walnut Trail leads you through the wildflower-rich floodplain of the Rocky Fork; and the Yellow Buckeye Trail to an oak-hickory hillside forest with trees of impressive girths. Before hiking , click here for hours and directions The trails are narrow and are designed to be hiked single file and are well signed.

Be sure to review hiking regulations before visiting. Click here to view. You are entering a highly protected nature preserve. Regulations include staying on the trail at all times, and not collecting nor disturbing any plant including wildflowers, nor animals and minerals. Please help us keep the preserve a true Sanctuary for the plants and animals, and future visitors.

The Golden Star Lilies need your eyes and ears! The Golden Star Lily is an extremely rare plant throughout its range and endangered in Ohio. To be able to continue opening the preserve’s doors to the public, we need to keep the Golden Star Lily’s populations safe and secure. If you see anyone harvesting any native plants or violating any other preserve regulations, please report the incident. Call or text the Arc at 937-365-1935 and include the license plate number if you have it. Your caring presence is a strong deterrent. Thank you for your stewardship.

About our Dog Friends: Because this preserve is a world-class destination for wildflowers that grow immediately bordering the trails which are vulnerable to compaction and disturbance, dogs are not permitted on the trails. Click here for a list of dog friendly trails.

The Gladys Riley Golden Star Lily Preserve lies within Scioto County, the Little Smokies of Ohio