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Article: 2022 the Great Portsmouth Works, Tremper Update, Huckleberry Ridge

The redemption of Tremper Mound leaves a pronounced feeling as if breathing in rarified air. Earthwork sites of this magnitude, like Mound City in Chillicothe and Serpent Mound in Peebles, have enjoyed a century of protection and public wonderment. Millions of people across the globe have visited these two sites alone in that time, while Tremper Mound remained locked away, nearly invisible to the public eye, facing a roulette of very real threats without any formal protection. Soon, for the first time since Ohio became a state, Tremper Mound will be opening its doors to the public. Read More.

Article: The Cultural History of Tremper Mound

From Arc Newsletter, winter 2021.Of the many peoples inhabiting the Great Eastern Forest in what is now the United States, the Hopewell Culture, spanning 50 B.C. to 400 A.D. was one of the most artistic and geographically influential. The Hopewell peoples were not the only American Indians to build earthworks, but they certainly were the most consummate. Their works span everything from solitary mounds and earthwork enclosures, to immense sacred landscapes with multiple and connecting features, sometimes aligned to cosmic celestial events. Read More.

Article: Tremper Mound- Reuniting the Broken Pieces

From Arc Newsletter, winter 2021.When we first considered the idea of preserving Tremper Mound eight years ago, it seemed an improbable if not an impossible task. The 618-acre Matthews Farm that contained most of the mound was owned by three siblings who had inherited the farm from their father. They felt a great deal of love and nostalgia for the land of their youth and they were determined to sell only to a trusted and transparent buyer. They were also of one mind that they did not want to break up the farm. Read More.

Article: The Nature of Tremper Mound.

From Arc Newsletter, winter 2021. The 618-acre Matthew’s Farm property is the Arc’s largest single acquisition in our entire history, and these acres shelter an impressive diversity of native plants and animals. Because the preserve has such rich cultural history, it is easy to overlook that it’s a worthy natural area in its own right. Read More.