Schedule – The Tree Course – Level 2  

Trees of the Eastern Forest – Field Recognition Level II 

 July 28 – August 1, 2021

Wednesday Afternoon – Mid-day Sunday

Day 1 – Wednesday Evening, July 28, 2021 – Overview

2:30 pm to 4:00 pm: Check-In for Lodging Guests. Follow instructions you have received by email to check in to your respective lodges. You will be sent directions and passcode to the key which is secured near each lodge’s main entrance.

5:00 pm: Welcome and Introductions – Meet at the Appalachian Forest Museum. Introduction to the Arc of Appalachia Preserve System and overview of course. Meet your leaders and colleagues.

6:00 pm Dinner

After Dinner: Titans of the Temperate Broadleaf Forest Biome. An introduction to the silent strength of these natural wonders living in our midst. Our forest residents hold many secrets in the silence of their roots, trunks, and leaves. Let us begin our studies by exploring the life histories, the character, the importance of the Eastern Temperate Forest Biome and its many expressions. What is the state of this forest today?

Day 2 – Thursday, July 29, 2021 – Woody Plants of Ohio’s Relic Prairies

8:00 am:  Breakfast

9:00 am: Ohio’s Unique Relic Prairies. Today we will be travelling south to Adams county to immerse ourselves in the woody plants found in these unique environments. The species of these ecological communities represent a singular biological expression distinct from the archetypal prairies of the Great Plains. We will be studying the trees and shrubs that live in an uneasy alliance with the prairie forbes and grasses. Learn the pivotal roles geology and agronomy played in the establishment of these plant communities, enabling them to persist yet today. We will be spending the full day in the field, visiting Arc of Appalachia Preserves (Kamama, Plum Run), and state nature preserves (Adam’s Lake, Chaparral). When you finish today’s field work you will have learned trees and shrubs few people recognize.

12:30 pm: Lunch in field.

1:00 – 3:00 pm: More Time in the Prairies. Practice makes perfect, so we will practice, practice, practice.

6:00 pm Dinner

After Dinner: Review of the Trees and Shrubs of Relic Prairies. Informal quiz and practice session.

Day 3 – Friday, July 30, 2021 – Redstone Wetlands and Ridgeview Farm

8:00 am:  Breakfast

9:15 am: Redstone Wetlands – Trees & Shrubs with Wet Feet. The plants adapted to this challenging ecosystem, from an agricultural perspective, have been critical species supplying food and medicinals to mankind. We will learn the story of Redstone Farm, how these wetlands came to be protected and restored, and the unique plants that call it home.

12:30 Lunch

After Lunch: Break until 4:00 pm. Take this time to relax, enjoy a catnap, or hike one of the Highland Nature Sanctuaries beautiful trails. Participants are encouraged to hook-up in small groups to review trees and shrubs in a different setting

4:00 pm Review of Wetland Species. Before dinner this evening let’s look back at what we saw this morning with this informal quiz and practice session.

5:00 pm: Dinner

6:00 Ridgeview Farm. After dinner we will make the short trip over to Ridgeview Farm. Here we will pick up a variety of trees, from sumacs and chestnuts, to unusual oaks and hazelnuts. The farm is also an excellent location to review many of the woody plants that were part of the Level I tree course.

Day 4 – Saturday, July 31, 2021 – Fort Hill & Gladys Riley Preserve 

8:00 am: Breakfast.

9:15 am: Field Studies at Fort Hill & Gladys Riley Preserve. Today we be visiting two different forest locations to reacquaint ourselves with the oaks and hickories, practice our new identification skills over and over, and add some new friends to our forest vocabulary. Fort Hill has one of the most impressive old growth hardwood forests in Ohio as well as some not-so-common trees in this region of the state. Gladys Riley Preserve, on the Rocky Fork tributary of the Scioto Brush Creek, has an incredible assemblage of plants. Here we expect to find white walnut, serviceberry, river birch, and more. This day will require over an hour travel so we will stay in the field for the whole day

12:30 Lunch in the field

After Lunch, Gladys Riley Continues. We will time our departure from Gladys Riley to arrive back at the Appalachian Forest Museum by 4:00 pm. This will give you an opportunity to relax and freshen up before our evening meal.

6:00 pm: Dinner

After Dinner Review. Review of the course to date accompanied by an informal quiz so you can assess your progress and get assistance when needed. Our desire is that you learn as much from the course as possible and have a good time while doing it!

Day 5 – Sunday, August 1, 2021 – Final Review and Quiz  

8:00 am: Breakfast

9:30 am: Final Tree Review.  We will take a pleasant stroll via power point to review, and then test your hard-earned mastery of a new level of tree recognition. Though a formal quiz, this is a no-stress practicum.  You will be checking your own progress, and using the quiz to anchor your new knowledge UNLESS you wish to be certified as mastering Level Two in Tree Recognition. Registrants pursuing certification will have their quizzes graded by a course leader or assignee.

12:30: Lunch

Fond Farewells and Departure. 


Admiring a Giant Sugar Maple
White Oak Acorns
Witch Hazel Flowers
Chestnut Burrs
Previous Tree Course Participants
Euonymus Fruit
Pignut Hickory Bark