Hiking in the Glen at Ridgeview Farm


What do Trailblazers do?

  • First, and most importantly, Trailblazers enjoy hiking Arc of Appalachia trails!
  • A Trailblazer helps independently monitor and maintain over 40 miles of Arc trails, artfully crafting the trail for the enjoyment of the visitor.
  • Trailblazers are an important extension of the eyes, ears, and hands of the land stewardship staffYour efforts will magnify the quality and safety of our preserve’s hiking trails.
  • Every level of skill and capacity is welcome and embraced. We can find a place for you to contribute, from simple scouting, to hand trimming, to string trimming, with training provided for each task.
  • Choose your level of involvement, from adopting a specific trail to scouting numerous trails. This program is intended to be an opportunity for reciprocity, a chance to give-back to nature in return for the happiness and enjoyment found through your natural encounters on the trail. 
  • Join the active, online community of volunteer trail stewards with the Arc land stewardship staff. Using the messaging app Telegram we will share trail pictures and videos, simple trail reports, and other cool nature stories from the trails.
  • Oh, and we want to emphasize, “Get out, have fun, and enjoy the Arc’s trails!”

Here’s how to become a Trailblazer

  • Subscribe to the Arc of Appalachia email newsletter here. This will keep you informed about currently scheduled volunteer opportunities.
  • Contact Land Stewardship Manager Tim Pohlar @ tpohlar@arcofappalachia.org, and tell him to “Sign me up!. Tim will connect you with the ever-expanding Trailblazer community, forward a welcome packet to you, and make you feel at home. You will be connected to staff members and fellow Arc Trailblazers in a community that cares for the precious resources found on over 40 miles (and growing!) of Arc of Appalachia trails. Tim will coordinate details of your project work areas tailored to your unique interests and capacities.