Article: Saving the Great Eastern Forest’s Most Charismatic Wilderness Icon – the Timber Rattlesnake

From Arc Newsletter 2020. Betsy and Ramie Pierson were living in Dayton, Ohio, when, one day, they decided to drive out to Bainbridge to look at a truck that someone had listed for sale. In the process they stumbled upon a handsome piece of land bordering Pike State Forest that piqued their interest and would set into motion for them an entirely new chain of events….Read More




Article: Eastern America’s Fading Music

From Arc Newsletter Fall 2010. I remember the first time I saw a timber rattlesnake. I had recently blown any chance of being popular in high school when I came out of the closet as an avowed lover of herps. It was hard to say what I loved the best among all them — the wondrous native lizards and newts, turtles and frogs — but certainly snakes were among my favorites…Read More.