Ticks and Chiggers


A Special Note on Ticks. 
Please take the necessary precautions to minimize your exposure to disease which can be carried by deer ticks and blacklegged ticks, an exposure which is unlikely but possible. STAY STRICTLY ON TRAIL AT ALL TIMES. We also highly recommend the use of rose geranium oil on your legs and pants, which has proved to be a good deterrent, or another repellent of your choosing. We also recommend a good tick check, especially of children and pets, during and after your hike. Give special attention to skin beneath socks and waistbands, folds in your body, and wherever fabric lies close to your skin. A trusted friend’s preening is a great benefit!

The key to addressing Lyme’s disease risk is to be aware of symptoms and demanding proper diagnostic tests if you suspect the disease. You may know more than your doctor so being empowered is important. Lyme’s is treatable if detected in a reasonable time, but because deer ticks have not been in Ohio for very long, symptoms of the disease may not be immediately recognized. Being informed and proactive provides you with the highest level of safety.  Here are some symptoms to remember, which tend to be flu-like:

  • Pain areas: in the joints or muscles
  • Whole body: fatigue, fever, or malaise
  • Joints: stiffness or swelling
  • Also common: appearance of large red blotches, sometimes with bulls-eye pattern,
  • Headache
  • Palsy

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Protecting your pets.
Dogs are permitted on leash at Junction Earthworks, Fort Hill, Samson/Obrist Woods, and the Highlands Nature Sanctuary’s Ashy Sunflower and Ridgeview Farm trails. To best protect your pet, keep them close and do not allow them to wander off trail, where ticks and chiggers are most likely to reside. Be sure to carefully check them for ticks in and around their ears, around the tail, around eyelids, under the collar, under the front legs, between the back legs, and between their toes after your hike. 

Please note that there are an unusually high number of ticks and chiggers at the Arc’s Samson/Obrist Woods preserve. Although dogs are permitted on leash all year round at Samson/Obrist Woods, we discourage their entry during the growing season (June-July especially) because of their tendency to wander off trail where they can pick up hundreds of ticks and chiggers that could be hazardous to their health.

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A Special Note on Chiggers. 
Chigger bites are very annoying if numerous, and are itchy but not dangerous. The best way to minimize or better yet, completely avoid, chigger exposure is to stay on the trail.

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