John Roger Simon Sorghum Festival Gallery of Photos

Kenny White driving 1953 Willies Pickup with a load of crushed sorghum cane

Musicians play in the farm museum

Left to Right – John Simon, Mary Ann Hill, John Holbach and Bea Holbach playing traditional country music

Wyatt Wolfe enjoys a farm dog

Wyatt Wolfe with a friendly farm dog

Sharon Scott, Quilter

Gary Hurn, moving sorghum cane for pressing

Callista McHenry and the Kitchen Crew at the Sorghum Festival

John Simon and Willard Fife

Marc Hoffer Cleaning the Cane Press

Mary Kathleen Simon and John Simon

Gary Hurn Stripping Cane 

Sorghum Festival Guests

Kenny White feeding the press

The old farm outhouse

John Simon Loading Sorghum Cane for pressing 

John Simon talking to Sorghum Festival guests