Pride of Ohio Prairie –

Expanding Whipple State Nature Preserve 

 Fundraising to protect this globally rare shortgrass prairie was completed in late 2016!

10 acres in Adams County  

Rare Wildflowers. Perched on a steep rocky hillside, this 10 acre natural prairie opening has already had over 200 plant species recorded. Pride of Ohio Prairie lies on a ridge near the existing Whipple State Nature Preserve and provides vistas of the surrounding rolling, forested hills. The prairie is pristine, and boasts carpets of Shooting Stars (also known as Pride of Ohio), orchids, and many noteworthy botanical species, including Shale Barren Aster, Slender Blazing-star, Tall Larkspur, Crested Coral-root, False Aloe, and the state-endangered Limestone Adder’s-tongue.

Whipple State Nature Preserve History. Whipple is an existing 520 acre preserve in Adams County, located roughly halfway between West Union and the Ohio River. The preserve has a mosaic of various limestone karst landscapes, including sheltered mesic glens densely carpeted in wildflowers, limestone bluffs, dry ridgetops of oak-hickory forests, and classic prairie openings with many rare and unusual species. Some of the forest cover is high quality mature woods, with specimens of impressively large trees. Whipple offers a public hiking trail.



Eastern Fence Lizard. Photo courtesy of John Howard.
Celandine poppy are among the many woodland flowers that bloom in spring at Pride of Ohio Prairie.