The Arc of Appalachia Preserves stewards highly protected nature preserves. Please read complete regulations before visiting, only some of which are summarized here: Remain on trails at all times, walking in single file to protect bulbs of native wildflowers bordering the trail. Do not disturb, pick nor collect flowers, plants, rocks, or wildlife. Hunting, caving, fishing, trail biking,  rock climbing, wading, camp fires and swimming are prohibited. Many Arc trails border dangerous, potentially life-threatening cliffs: Trails can be narrow, uneven, and steep; with possible ticks, poison ivy, and stinging nettle. Keep children close at hand, and hike at your own risk. Click here for a complete list of dog-friendly trails. Most trails do not permit dogs.


Hiking Trails are open sunrise to sunset year-round, weather permitting.  Sorry, dogs are not permitted. ​

Notice: There are no road signs to guide you to the parking area. Plum Run has an unusually high number of chiggers and ticks, including lone star ticks, especially from mid-July through mid August. Staying on trail will minimize contact. We also highly recommend using insect repellent on your socks and shoes. A natural option is spraying with rose geranium oil diluted 1:4 with alcohol. Please hike at your own risk and do thorough tick checks after hiking.


Allegheny Mound Trail – 1.3 Mile Loop

Difficulty – Easy

Description: The trail travels along a mowed path with moderate undulating hills in a mostly open prairie landscape. It winds its way through a native tall grass prairie filled with prairie flowers, butterflies, and colorful native grasses, continually changing as the seasons progress. The rolling landscape offers picturesque scenery of the Appalachian foothills of the region. The impressive dwellings of the Allegheny Mound Builder Ants can be seen along the trail, building large conical mounds that can be up to 3 feet tall and 10 feet wide!

Plum Run Loop – 1.1 Mile Loop

Difficulty – Easy

Description: This trails travels along a mowed path with moderate undulating hills in a mostly prairie landscape, with a section of the trail into a cedar glade and wooded hillside along the Plum Run stream. The trail meanders through a high quality tall grass prairie, cedar glades, and rich woodlands. Each season offers a different array of wildflowers to be seen, both in the prairies and the woodlands. The trail also meanders along a stretch of the scenic Plum Run stream, with many small classic dolomite limestone outcrops covered in mosses, ferns, and flowers.