Plum Run Prairie is one of the larger prairies remaining in the state at nearly 140 acres. Eleven state listed plant species are found at this preserve along with rare butterfly species such as the Edwards’ Hairstreak.  Click here for more preserve information.

Trail Offerings & Details:  Plum Run features 2.5 miles of trail through the prairie.The impressive dwellings of the Allegheny Mound Builder Ants can be seen along the trail, building large conical mounds that can be up to 3 feet tall and 10 feet wide! Before hiking click here for hours and directions.

Be sure to review hiking regulations before visiting. Click here to view. You are entering a highly protected nature preserve. Regulations include staying on the trail at all times, and not collecting nor disturbing any plant including wildflowers, nor animals and minerals. Please help us keep the preserve a true Sanctuary for the plants and animals, and future visitors.

Important Safety Warning: It is against regulations to go off trail and extremely dangerous. Plum Run has an unusually high number of chiggers and ticks, including lone star ticks, especially from mid-July through mid August. Staying on trail will minimize contact. We also highly recommend using insect repellent on your socks and shoes. A natural option is spraying with rose geranium oil diluted 1:4 with alcohol. Please hike at your own risk and do thorough tick checks after hiking.

About our Dog Friends: Because Plum Run is a designated Natural Area with the Ohio Division of Natural Areas and Preserves, dogs are not permitted on the trails.