Otter Banks at the Highlands Nature Sanctuary

Deeper Information

Article: Otter Banks Pursuit at Sanctuary Sows New Partnerships

From Arc Newsletter, 2019. Profound outcomes sometimes begin with deceptively small events. Like a shift in the wind, or a few flakes of snow. Back in 1995, the young non-profit struggling to afford the 47-acre perimeter of 7 Caves was one such event. Seven years earlier, the purchase of a farm on nearby Lapperell Road by Mr. J. Stauffer, a Mennonite from Pennsylvania, was another such event. The news of these unrelated newcomers didn’t make much of a ripple in the breakfast table conversations at the Rocky Fork Truck Stop. Yet, from these humble beginnings, two movements would grow that would leave this region of land—where Highland, Ross, and Pike counties come together—transformed. The saving of Otter Banks is an important chapter of this greater story and is a topic to which we will return, once we have put all the players into context. Read More.

Photo by Tim Pohlar