OPEN HOURS for Hikers. All public hiking trails in the Arc of Appalachia as listed below are open to the public daily from sunrise to sunset EXCEPT for closures during winter hunting season, and special visitation hours for the Appalachian Forest Museum and Trailhead, located at the Highlands Nature SanctuaryPlease read complete regulations before visiting.  Be sure to read each region’s safety notices and download each destination’s trail maps and trailhead directions before setting out. Most Arc trails do not permit dogs due to natural area dedication. There are exceptions: Click here for a complete list of dog-friendly trails

Ohio River Bluffs Preserve

Due to the abundance and delicate nature of the wildflowers that line the trails, dogs are not permitted. Dog lovers, please consider visiting Junction Earthworks or Fort Hill.

Ohio River Bluffs Trail: 1. mile loop, moderate.  The Ohio River Bluffs Trail begins at the Trailhead Parking Lot on Gilkison Hollow Road and takes visitors through one of the most breathtaking spring wildflower displays in the state. Because of its botanical richness, it is of vital importance that visitors stay on-trail at all times to avoid stepping on the bulbs, tubers, and rhizomes of the wildflowers that surround you.  The looped trail follows along US-52  and climbs gradually to the top of the bluffs with vistas overlooking the Ohio River.

Ginger Ridge Trail: 0.7 mile loop trail, moderate. The Ginger Ridge Trail originates off of the Ohio River Bluffs trail and takes visitors on a looped trail encircling Ginger Ridge. 

Blue-eyed Mary Trail: 0.7 mile loop trail, easy. The Blue-eyed Mary Trail begins at the Trailhead Parking Lot and follows Gilkison Hollow Road a short distance before meadering through one of the densest displays of Blue-eyed Mary spring wildflowers in the state.