Ginger Ridge Road Addition

to Ohio River Bluffs

Acres: 20      Project Value: $58,000

Expanding Ohio River Bluffs to 300 Acres

Thanks to an anonymous donation, fundraising for this project
is now complete!

If Barrett’s Rim is the floral jewel of the Rocky Fork Gorge, then Ohio River Bluffs is surely the crowning gem of the entire Arc of Appalachia Preserve System. Nowhere else in the Arc is there such unrestrained wildflower exuberance. From the base of the bluffs facing the Ohio River, all the way to the top of the ridgetop, are solid tiers of wildflowers – wild hyacinths, bluebells, toadshade trilliums, and dwarf larkspurs, just to name a few.
When we heard there was a tract for sale adjacent to the Ohio River Bluffs Preserve earlier this year, we simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try to buy it. This acquisition takes us to the ridgetop on Ginger Ridge Road, providing significantly more protection for the Bradford Run watershed. We’ve come a long way at the Bluffs from our first 62 acre purchase back in 2005! Ohio River Bluffs is arguably the most stunning of all the Arc preserves and it has more to boast than just wildflowers, which the gallery on the next page reveals.

Arc staff members, Tim and Ethan, and volunteers have been working hard all year on cutting a trail system at Ohio River Bluffs that originates on Gilkison Hollow Road, a road that is literally lined with carpets of Blue-eyed Mary’s in the spring (see photo right by Tim). The completion of this trail, hopefully in 2021, will be a significant contribution to the hiking trail offerings in Ohio.

Blue-eyed Mary's and Phlox at Ohio River Bluffs. Photo by Tim Pohlar