Our Leaders

Wil Hershberger

Wil Hershberger has been an avid naturalist most of his life. After becoming an accomplished and well-respected birder, photography skills learned in his Dad’s basement darkroom were rekindled.  Today his photography has become an extension of his passion for the natural world.  He has an innate ability to capture the natural world in an artistic way.  Over a decade ago, Wil and his wife Donna formed Nature Images and Sounds, LLC.  Together, they photograph everything from birds to bugs.  Wil is also an accomplished sound recordist.  Over 2,200 of his recordings, including birds and bugs, are archived at the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology’s Macaulay Library of Natural Sounds.  Through he loves photography and capturing sound recordings, his highest motivation is to instill in others the desire to protect and save our sacred natural treasures. Will has an excellent reference for calling insects, with photography and sound, on his website and his blog  – Songs of Insects.

“I strive to achieve an image that conveys the true essence and splendor of the subject. I use the camera as my net to capture that essence. I use the computer only to translate the captured image into a reflection of the reality that I experienced when with the subject. Over manipulating the gossamer of the captured image will only detract from the splendor that was originally there.” -Wil Hershberger

Lisa Rainsong

Lisa Rainsong holds a Doctor of Musical Arts in Composition from the Cleveland Institute of Music and is a member of CIM’s music theory faculty. A soprano as well as a teacher and composer, she sings with the professional early music ensemble Quire Cleveland. Lisa also earned a Naturalist Certificate from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.  She now teaches bird song and insect song classes across Ohio and does her own field recording for these programs. In addition, she does field research on crickets and katydids – research work that is done primarily by ear.  Her superb website at  listeningtoinsects.com is an excellent teaching device, featuring insect calls and callers living in NE Ohio, that can be gainfully used for a much broader geography. Lisa is also a storyteller. Her most recent insect tales, recordings and excellent photos can be found on her blog at listeninginnature.blogspot.com.