Mound Builders of Ohio

Deeper Information on the Hopewell Heartland

What was the Hopewell Culture?

Between 2,200 and 1,500 years ago the Hopewell Cultural Expression flourished in the eastern half of the North America continent, becoming one of the most influential cultures ever to exist in North America. The lack of documentation of violence found in the burials point to a time of relative peace and safety. The findings of mica, obsidian, copper and seashells show that they made journeys to other parts of the continent, coming back to the the Hopewell Heartland.  More Information

Ross County; The Epicenter of the Hopewell Culture

Of the three dozen major earthwork complexes ever built by the Hopewell, a full two thirds of them fall within the boundaries of Ross County. Unfortunately in Ohio, there are no laws preventing the destruction of earthworks, causing them to be destroyed by agriculture. Only seven of the three dozen earthworks in Ross County have been protected by organizations such as the Arc of Appalachian and the Hopewell Culture Historical National Park. More Information