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Article: Killbuck Swamp
From Arc Newsletter, 2021. Only a remarkable project could have urged the Arc of Appalachia to cross Interstate 70 into northern Appalachia to do our wildlands preservation work. Killbuck Swamp most definitely is that project. Friends, we have been presented with an extraordinary opportunity to save an intact wetlands ecosystem in Ohio. Killbuck Swamp’s large expanse of flooded waters, speckled with a mosaic of spatterdock and button bush, are visible to everyone driving north into the historic small town of Killbuck. The sights of soaring bald eagles and rafts of floating ducks and geese are common feasts for the eyes of even passing motorists. Killbuck Swamp is further enhanced by being embedded within the timeless pastoral beauty of one of Ohio’s oldest and largest Amish communities. It’s an unusually attractive corner of the world. Read More