God’s Country II

78.4 acres in Highland County

Reuniting God’s Country. God’s Country II represents the “other half” of the God’s Country property that was purchased by the Arc in 2009 with funds from Clean Ohio. Two thirds of the site is forested with medium aged trees. The remaining third lies in meadows bordering the Rocky Fork. These fields, contiguous to God’s Country I, together protect some of the best breeding habitat for Henslow’s Sparrows in all the Sanctuary and Highland County – a species of concern in Ohio.

Piecing the Rocky Fork Corridor Back Together. God’s Country II protects a half-mile long frontage on the Rocky Fork, making it one of the most significant acquisitions in our quarter century of piecing the Rocky Fork corridor back together.

A Wildlife Paradise. God’s Country I abounds in wild turkey, bluebirds, kingfishers, and great blue herons. The creek is regularly visited by mink, beaver and even river otter. In the winter, large flocks of ducks take refuge in the waters kept free of ice by the volume of water coming out of the dam. Rafts of black ducks are signature residents all winter long. Migratory flocks commonly include redheads, buffleheads, teal, wood duck, pie-billed grebes, mallards, hooded and common mergansers.

First Good Road Access to God’s Country. Acquiring God’s Country II will enable the Arc to increase managed acres of open meadows for the Henslow’s Sparrows that reside there, as well as provide necessary road access to circumvent the wetlands and provide the public with an exceptional hiking trail. Stay tuned!

Swamp Milkweed at God's Country. Photo courtesy of Tim Pohlar