Fort Hill Time Honored Skills Series

Flintknapping Course

August 10, 2019 | 10 am – 5pm at Fort Hill Education Center

Course Leader Justin Houston

$105 / person, includes lunch, a complete knap kit and all curriculum

In this class you will learn the fundamental methods and tools of the prehistoric inhabitants of Ohio: to knap flint into a useful tool. Immerse yourself in the pre-historic Stone Age culture of Fort Hill and learn to create stone tools utilized by its inhabitants.  This is an in-depth course where you will learn to utilize naturally occurring materials to knap a useful flint tool.

Your experience will begin with a nature hike at Fort Hill to locate your hammer stone.  This hammer stone will then be used to make some of your first pre-forming blows to the flint.  This course continues with in-depth instruction in the methods of flint knapping to create your very own tool.

What you will learn:

  1. Foundational knowledge of the art of flint knapping.
  2. An understanding of how to locate workable stone to flint knap.
  3. How to create specifically an arrow head, a drill point, and a scalpel.

What you will receive:

  1. Hands on instruction from a qualified specialist.
  2. A complete flint knapping kit consisting of 1 hammer stone (which you will find yourself), 1 deer antler billet, 1 deer antler pressure flaker, 1 leather pad, 1 lap board, and 1 nodule of flint.


  1. Safety Glasses
  2. Leather Gloves