Field Trip – Staggenborg Private Preserve

Leader: Bob and Beth Staggenborg
Bob and Beth Staggenborg were both teachers and have experience leading nature hikes with kids in the woods. We love to help all ages connect to the natural world. We are passionate about having native diversity on our property and have planted a number of native trees. Bob is the host and producer of Nature Guys Podcast.



Directions: 6040 Luwista Lane, Cincinnati OH 45230. The street is one block long and we are at the bottom on the right. We have room for 4 cars in our driveway and about 4 more on the driveway if everyone is leaving at the same time. There is parking on one side of the street.

Habitat Focus: mature forest

Time & Meeting Place: Meet at Staggenborg Private Preserve at  9:50am the hike will begin promptly at 10:00 am.

Bring: Be sure to pack a bottle of water and bring a day pack for your lunch. 

Difficulty: Easy

Nancy Stranahan Bio Photo