Field Trip – Kamama Prairie

Leader: John Howard
John possesses the best of all the qualities associated with the term naturalist with an insatiable curiosity and a perennial sense of wonder. Out on the trail he can tell you something interesting about everything from a stone to a sedge to a stonefly, and he can spot amazing creatures and plants in nature that the rest of us walk by unnoticed. Studying in the backroads Adams Co. in Appalachian Ohio, he has learned nearly all of the resident dragonflies, butterflies, vascular plants, birds, amphibians and reptiles, and has a good understanding of just about everything else. John has a particular fondness for insects  – especially the odd and the wondrous – and he is also deeply immersed in studying and protecting endangered timber rattlesnakes. Taking a nature walk with John is a rare privilege for even his close friends, who don’t think twice about driving half-way across the state for an opportunity to join him in watching fireflies, catching salamanders heading for the vernal pools, photographing the first spring flowers in bloom (even if they are only 1/2 inch tall and tomorrow’s forecast calls for snow), or looking for a new-to-science moth or caterpillar.


Directions: 778 Steam Furnace Rd., Peebles, OH 45660. Kamama Prairie is in northeastern Adams County in south central Ohio. Find your way to Peebles, Ohio on OH-41. Peebles is located just north of OH-32, the Appalachian Highway.  Travel south through Peebles until you reach OH-32, which is a four lane highway. McDonalds is on the right, and a Marathon Station is on the left. Turn left or east on OH- 32. The first marked exit is Steam Furnace Road. Turn South, or right, on Steam Furnace Rd. Drive approximately 2 miles and cross Rt. 781, which will jog across Steam Furnace Rd. There is a store on the corner. Just continue straight and stay on Steam Furnace Rd. At this point, if you have an odometer, mark it on zero – this will help a lot!! After .7 miles there will be a fork in the road. The right fork is Hoop Road which you DO NOT take. Take the left fork and continue on Steam Furnace Rd.  The new Parking area for Kamama Prairie is at the 2.1 mile mark from the grocery store on your left at the corner of Nixon Rd. and Steam Furnace Rd.  There is a doublewide on the far corner of Steam Furnace and Nixon Rd., and a yellow house across from Nixon Rd. Parking is at the property with the doublewide, 778 Steam Furnace Rd.  We will send more detailed information of where to park in a separate email.

Habitat Focus: Trees and Shrubs of Kamama Prairie

Time & Meeting Place: Meet at the parking lot at  9:50am the hike will begin promptly at 10:00 am.

Bring: Be sure to pack a bottle of water and bring a day pack for your lunch which will be enjoyed along the trail. 

Difficulty: The hike will be easy to moderate and approximately 2 miles.

John Howard Bio Photo