Etawah Woods Snow Trillium Guided Hike

Friday, March 27, 2020
Arrive at 1:45 am, Hike is from 2 pm – 3pm

Join Arc Director, Nancy Stranahan, on a guided hike on the Etawah Woods Trail at the Highlands Nature Sanctuary

The Arc purchased the  47-acre Etawah Woods property two days before Thanksgiving, 1995. This, along with the area known as the 8th Cave, were the first critical pieces of the Highlands Nature Sanctuary tapestry, which over the past 24 years has grown to nearly 2600 acres in size. Etawah Woods is known for its towering old trees, its deep gorge walls on both sides of the creek, its huge slumpblocks called the Three Sisters and Battleship Rock, and unquestionably its rare limestone-loving wildflowers. The earliest bloomers in the spring are Snow Trillium, which although uncommon in most of the state can be found in abundance along the Etawah Woods trail. Snow Trillium are the world’s smallest trillium species and can occasionally be found peeking through the snow in their quest for pollination before the leaves return to the trees. With luck we will catch them blooming! 

Directions: 7660 Cave Road, Bainbridge OH 45612

Your Leader – Nancy Stranahan

Nancy is the Director of the Arc of Appalachia, and was one of the non-profit’s founders in 1995. In the span of directing the organization over the ensuing years, Nancy has cultivated a vigorous citizen advocacy network in Ohio (what she likes to call a tree-roots organization) to support new natural areas in twenty-one preserve regions of southern Ohio.

Altogether, Nancy has personally led the charge to save 7000 acres of wildlands in Ohio and has participated in well over 100 separate real estate closings. The Arc’s headquarters, the 3000-acre Highlands Nature Sanctuary, is the Arc’s largest preserve region, and the area that Nancy and the Arc’s fledging board first concentrated their land preservation efforts in the non-profit’s early years. A few of the signature wildlife species now protected within the Arc suite of nature preserves include such rarities as Henslow’s sparrows, cerulean warblers, bobcats, northern long-eared bats, river otters, and timber rattlesnakes – just to name a few. The Arc has also been instrumental in saving four Native American Indian legacy sites  — Spruce Hill Earthworks, Junction Earthworks Glenford Fort and Steel Earthworks. The Arc also manages Fort Hill and Serpent Mound on behalf Ohio History Connection.

Nancy previously served as Chief Naturalist for Ohio State Parks with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources; and operated Benevolence Café and Bakery in downtown Columbus’ city market for 20 years, where she promoted healthy and intentional food choices.

What to Bring

Filled water bottle
Boots with good tread.
Dress for the weather.
Trekking poles (optional, but helpful for balancing)
Binoculars (optional)

Registration will be opened three weeks prior to the guided hike. 

Please return to this page to fill out the information below to register for the guided hike. A confirmation will be sent to you a week before the hike. Registration is limited, please let us know if you need to cancel so we can open your spot for someone else by contacting us at or 937-365-1935. 

Outstanding views of the Rocky Fork Gorge can be found on the Etawah Woods Trail
The diminutive, but beautiful Snow Trillium in bloom
The diminutive, but beautiful Snow Trillium in bloom