Buena Vista Road Conservation Easements

3 easements = 101 acres in Hocking County

Total Project Cost: $500,000 – Balance to Raise: $0

Safe from development! When Judy Raabe was 10 years old she visited Hocking Hills and was spellbound by what she experienced. Fast forward 60 years, Judy had just lost her life partner when an opportunity came up to purchase 105 acres on Buena Vista Road from her old friend Jerry Koch, not far from Cline Farm. Jerry had always wanted to preserve the farm, but he had run out of time.

The farm included a deep woodland gorge with towering trees, rock overhangs, old fields, a frog pond, and an 1860’s-era slate-roofed farmhouse. Judy loved the property’s boulders capped with trillium and ferns, its cool hemlock groves, and the sparkling stream that arose out of a large rock shelter. She often chatted with her neighbor and friend, Arc Board member Brian Blair, about her desire to protect the farm. Sadly, she passed away before her dream could become a reality.

Fortunately, though, neighbors Nick and Molly Bukky found out about the imminent listing of the property after her passing when the realtor inadvertently pulled into the wrong driveway while looking for the farm lane. Word of the $8000/acre listing made it back to Brian Blair and his partner, Susan Spinelli and they knew they had to act quickly to save the property from likely logging and development. Brian contacted the three adjoining landowners (who didn’t even know each other well) and shared his idea to divide the purchase of the farm among them and put the land under a conservation easement.

Miraculously, the three adjoining land owners (Nick and Molly Bukky, Rick McGill and Jo Ann Damon, and Shannon Moore) all agreed that the land should be rescued from its pending fate. After several group meetings that included Brian and Arc Board President Rick Perkins, the three households pooled their resources to each purchase a third of the land and permanently conserve it all. The land is now protected by conservation easements held by the Arc of Appalachia. Click here to read the full article from the 2022-2023 news magazine.

Photo of rock outcroppings at Buena Vista Road property.