Chalet Nivale shelters one of the largest colonies of Snow Trillium in Ohio. They are usually the first of the spring wildflowers to emerge, usually in mid to late March, and the tiny flowers are often caught in a late winter snowfall. Click here for more preserve information.


Trail Offerings & Details:  Chalet Nivale features two loop trails that meander through the low floodplain created by two short tributaries of Scioto Brush Creek that have sculpted the bedrock into mossy slump blocks and intriguing outcrops, bounded by vertical cliffs. A third trail dissects a meadow that lies like a low bowl – surrounded by a rim of Appalachian hills. The trail provides pleasant panoramas of the surrounding hill country, especially during fall color season. Before hiking, click here for hours and directions. There are several unimproved shallow stream crossings on Chalet Nivale Trails that require stepping on stones and therefore good balance. Please wear appropriate foot gear and do not hike after a series of heavy rains. In normal weather the water is 2-3 inches deep.

Be sure to review hiking regulations before visiting. Click here to view. You are entering a highly protected nature preserve. Regulations include staying on the trail at all times, and not collecting nor disturbing any plant including wildflowers, nor animals and minerals. Please help us keep the preserve a true Sanctuary for the plants and animals, and future visitors.

Important Safety Warning: Trails are narrow and unlevel. It is against regulations to go off trail and extremely dangerous. Other standard outdoor perils exist, such as ticks, poison ivy and treacherous footing in the winter or after a rain. Visitors must understand that they hike at their own risk. For their well being, children must be kept close to their guardians and carefully in hand.

About our Dog Friends: Because the Chalet Nivale is a world-class destination for wildflowers that grow immediately bordering the trails which are vulnerable to compaction and disturbance, dogs are not permitted on trails. For our dog friendly trails click here.

Chalet Nivale Trail Map