2019 Birds By Song – Leader Bio’s

This bird course is in Tribute to Bruce Lombardo. Bruce had led the Birds By Song course for four years and had a great impact on all the participants. Bruce passed away on June 29, 2018 and is dearly missed. We are bringing this course back in memory of Bruce with his co-leader, Artemis Eyster, and former Birds by Song participants, Jean Farkas, Teri Gilligan and Beth Clodfelter.

Birds By Song Leader

Artemis Eyster

Artemis grew up spending most mornings exploring her ten-acre back yard, with the company of her brother, recording and drawing the birds she heard and saw. In addition to extensive time birding in the Midwest, Artemis has also studied birds in Southeast China, Kenya, and Panama. She is not only knowledgeable about birds’ appearances and calls but has led bird-focused walks at various venues, as well as leading a section of the Ann Arbor Christmas bird count and has participated in the Cornell Lab of Ornithology project feederwatch, Ann Arbor breeding bird surveys, and the spring migratory bird count. Originating from her connection to the natural world, Artemis strives to help others connect with their natural surroundings. She has lead field based programs in nature sketching and wilderness survival skills at the G. Eddy Discovery Center, MI. She spent a summer designing lesson-plans to teach conservation through experiential education at the Northern Kenyan Conservation Clubs. She has facilitated round-table discussions on environmental subjects at the Michigan Alliance of Environmental and Outdoor Education Conference in Detroit, at the North American Association for Environmental Education in Baltimore, and has also spoken twice at the Stewardship Network Annual Conference in East Lansing, Michigan.

During her time studying Geosciences and Environmental Studies at Princeton University, Artemis pursued her love of teaching through Princeton’s outdoor orientation program: Outdoor Action. She spent seven weeks in the field, five as a co-leader training leaders or facilitating small group experiences, and two as a participant to improve her leadership and facilitation skills. Artemis spent the past year in northern Wisconsin, as the Recreational Education Teaching Fellow at Conserve School, facilitating experiences for high school students to help them deepen their connection to the natural world.

Artemis had the opportunity to assist Bruce Lombardo with this Birdsong workshop in 2015 and is honored that she can lead this workshop for a second time in his memory after having knowing him as a dear friend for many years.

Event Support Facilitators

Jean Farkas

Jean Farkas has been involved with the Arc of Appalachia for 10 years as a board member, land steward and volunteer. Although living in Dayton, she spends many hours at Shellbark Woods, her Arc land steward property.   She loves being in nature and a part of a larger mission to preserve this beautiful and diverse land. She is retired from a 30+ year career as an administrator of health and wellness programs and has served on several non-profit boards and professional organizations in her long philanthropic career. She is now President of Bridge To Health Ohio which provides yoga classes, individual therapy, postural alignment, and workshops.

Jean has provided many volunteer hours supporting Arc educational programs, often performing the role of course facilitator or teaching yoga. Jean says, “Although I have participated in several Arc educational programs, the highlight for me was taking Bruce Lombardo’s bird course. It was truly magical. I never go out now without binoculars and am always on the lookout for my special bird friends”.  Jean returned the next two years as a volunteer to help with the course.  She looks forward to coming back again for the Bruce Memorial Bird Course.

Teri Gilligan

Teri has a lifelong interest in nature and is particularly fascinated with birds. Over the years, Teri has worked to improve habitat for the birds by growing and advocating for the use of native plants and she is actively involved in such organizations as the Wild Ones and the Midwest Native Plant Conference.

“Although I wanted for some time to identify birds by their songs, my efforts were not very successful until I took the Birding by Song course taught by Bruce Lombardo. The combination of classroom sessions, educational tips and aids, the field work and Bruce’s expert guidance was just what I needed. Now, whenever I go outside there is a part of me that is listening for the birds nearby. I would love to be able to share this experience with others.”

Beth Clodfelter

Beth Clodfelter first became enamored of the Arc of Appalachia by attending Bruce Lombardo’s course, Identifying Birds by Their Songs. Thanks to the knowledge shared through the interactive lectures and especially the guided hikes, the woods have seemed even more alive ever since. Helping more people learn the songs would be a pleasure.

A passionate environmentalist from Athens, Beth also volunteers at the Arc, participates in educational courses there, and delights in the Wildflower Pilgrimage each April. Through her involvement in the Arc, Beth has also made some good friends and has met many wonderful people who are making positive differences around Ohio and beyond.


2012 Birds by Song Participants

Artemis is also a skilled nature artist. She was the artist for the Huron Valley Chapter of the Michigan Botanical Club for six years. Her drawings have been used for posters and book illustrations, and the Cincinnati Nature Center regularly shows her video on nature sketching to inspire students to draw plants and birds.

Barn Owl in the Ridgeview Farm Barn
Common Yellowthroat. Photo by John Howard
Carolina Chickadee. By Jerry Dalrymple
Eastern Bluebird. Photo by Jerry Dalrymple
Carolina Chickadee. By Jerry Dalrymple
Carolina Chickadee. By Jerry Dalrymple