Bluebells and Garlic Mustard at Ohio River Bluffs


What does the Biodiversity Brigade Do?

Biodiversity Brigade members working in concert with the Arc’s land stewardship team complete a variety of eco-management tasks, including actively eradicating non-native invasive plants. Plants, like garlic mustard (at left, pictured with bluebells), compete directly with woodland wildflowers and their neighbors for scarce sunlight, mineral, and water resources, causing ecosystem imbalance.  Our community volunteers work to restore, protect and perpetuate native plants in the Arc’s sensitive preserve environments. Our logo pictured above states succinctly why we undertake this mission…it’s about securing beauty, balance, and biodiversity! Won’t you join us?

Bush Honeysuckle Removal At Junction Earthworks

Here’s how to join the Biodiversity Brigade

  • Subscribe to the Arc of Appalachia email newsletter here. This will keep you informed about currently scheduled volunteer opportunities.
  • Register for our group events by following registration link for one of the events listed below in the Biodiversity Brigade calendar. In keeping with the world health environment caused by Covid 19, all group events are organized to facilitate proper social distancing and necessary sanitation.
  • If you have further questions, or desire deeper involvement, contact Land Stewardship Manager Brent Charette @