Art in the Arc of Appalachia Preserve System


Celebrating 23 Years of Art and Nature

The Arc of Appalachia is dedicated to protecting balance, beauty, and biodiversity in southern Ohio. Here at the Arc we take the balance part very seriously. We use our rational minds to protect the diversity of life in all of its countless physical forms. And we use our intuitive minds to honor its seeming opposite – the essential unity of all living things. Out of this perfect marriage of science and art comes awe, inspiration and good will – erupting right out of the middle!

Learn more about the many intersections of art and nature that have been inspired by the Arc of Appalachia’s efforts in wildlands preservation. 

Artists-in-Sanctuary Program
Gallery Show & Festival 
May 16, 2021

Since 2015, nationally recognized Ohio artists – plein air painters and poets – have participated in the Highlands Nature Sanctuary’s annual Artists-in-Sanctuary program.  For two weeks during the year, five artists share their energy, enthusiasm, and creativity while providing cultural and educational opportunities that instill a greater appreciation of nature and arts for the Sanctuary’s community.  Visitors can interact with the artists as they interpret the scenery as seen from many locations along the Sanctuary’s trails.  Local elementary students have the opportunity to see artists at work, as well as work with an arts educator both on the trails and in the school. The Artists-in-Sanctuary program culminates with a final show/festival featuring artwork for sale by the Residency artists, student works on display, Resident poet and student poetry readings, community art activities, and naturalist led hikes.

Click here to learn more about this year’s Artists-in-Sanctuary program.

Click here for a listing of artists from previous residencies.

Appalachian Forest Stewardship Residency

This thematic residency, new in 2019, invites artists to stay at the Arc of Appalachia, develop work around environmental issues, and learn how to be stewards of the land through volunteer hours. In return for their work the artist receives lodging, time and space to develop new work without cost. Artists will actively participate in the space they are working, allowing the Appalachian forest to ripple into their work. The residency is open to artists working in all media. ***Please note, there are no studio spaces so the residency may be best for idea generation rather than production, depending on the media used.***
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Art on the Trails

Hiking along the Etawah Woods trail or in the fields of Ridgeview Farm, you may have come upon one of two strikingly beautiful benches. The very simple act of sitting quietly and taking time alone with our thoughts has become increasingly difficult for most of us. Inspired by nature, these benches offer space to rest on your journey in quiet meditation. We invite you to have a seat!

The bench pictured here was commissioned by anonymous Arc donors and created by Andrew T. Crawford of Atlanta, GA.
Visit his website to see more of his work or Click Here to read his bio. 

Ohio’s Nature Journal

The Arc of Appalachia’s Facebook page serves as Ohio’s nature journal throughout the seasons. Some of the top nature photographers across the state share their breathtaking photos, capturing artistic snapshots of what’s currently in bloom, on the wing, migrating through, and other exciting events transpiring in the natural world. We invite you to follow our page for your daily dose of the wonders of the world around us!

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