Photo by Kathryn Cubert

15th Annual Wildflower Pilgrimage at the Highlands Nature Sanctuary

April 14-16, 2022, Thursday eve through Saturday afternoon


Spend your spring in the company of flowers! The ephemeral display of spring woodland flowers – all blooming at once – is as close to heaven on earth as any nature spectacle we can ever experience.  The Arc’s two days of wildflower pilgrimages go out in small groups guided by an experienced naturalist to view what is quite possibly the showiest wildflower displays in Eastern United States. They are certainly among the best of the best! In 2022 we are holding our event a day earlier in the week in order to avoid Easter Sunday. The three day Pilgrimage includes evening presentations at Paxton Theater in Bainbridge, field trips to premier floral destinations in the Highland, Adams, Pike and Ross County region of southern Appalachian Ohio, and 2 breakfasts and one dinner. Important Note: There has been a change in our traditional offering. For the 2022 event, please bring your own packed lunch. Click here for more information.

Women’s Walk in the Woods

Saturday, May 7th, 11 am – 4 pm

Registration for the Women’s Walk in the Woods will be available SOON!

In place of our usual weekend women’s retreat, we will be hosting a women’s only guided hikes in the woods this spring. Meet at the Appalachian Forest Museum for a guest speaker and bring your own lunch picnic before heading out to hike one of the beautiful trails at the Highlands Nature Sanctuary. Bring your female friends and family to meet new people, share stories and enjoy nature!

Wildflower Pilgrimage Bouquet

Tree People! Forest Literacy Day

2022 registration will be available soon!

Knowing your trees is a direct doorway to nature literacy, land stewardship, and a strong sense of place. It connects you to the thousands of life forms a healthy forest supports. What would Ohio look like if people – LOTS of people – knew their trees? What if Ohio boasted the most forest-literate citizens of any state in the nation? What would change? Everything! All of it good; all of it life-supporting. If you have always wanted to master the skill of forest literacy, or deepen the knowledge you already have,  then this is the program that you won’t want to miss! Click here for more information.