4 Tracts at Highlands Nature Sanctuary  

13 acres – Fundraising recently completed!


Rockbow Education & Volunteer Lodging. Rockbow is an extremely important puzzle piece, sitting directly on the Rocky Fork Gorge and surrounded on three sides by already protected Sanctuary lands. The property lies on Browning Road and includes a beautiful rock shelter as well as a well-maintained manufactured home of recent vintage. The residence will be developed to meet the greater lodging needs associated with our plan to increase Appalachian Forest School offerings and serve the growing lodging needs of Arc volunteers.

Nightsong. Nightsong is a small house site located at the historic entrance to the Cedar Run Trail across from the Elder’s Landing canoe and kayak access on Browning Road. The tract was purchased and then generously donated to the Sanctuary by Arc supporter, Karen Arnett. The 0.5 acre donation will expand Cedar Run’s protection on Browning Road.


The Old Millhouse across from Ravenwood Lodge. Ravenwood in Sanctuary West is one of our most beloved lodges. It once served as the residence for the caretakers of Beaver Mill. Although the mill is long gone, the dam still holds, providing a pleasant soundcape for lodging guests. An even older Beaver Mill residence still stands directly across the road, though greatly deteriorated. To secure the future of Ravenwood’s ambiance, our plan is to acquire this site and remove the possibility of future development across from the lodge.

Maude’s Cedar Narrows Expansion. Maude’s Cedar Narrows protects a stunning section of the Rocky Fork in Sanctuary West, just downstream from the Rocky Fork Lake dam. This parcel lies immediately west of Maude’s trailhead spanning both sides of Skeen Road. The tract serves to secure half the watershed of a beautiful tributary that cascades into the Rocky Fork and is accessed by the hiking trail.