Welcome to the new Biodiversity Blog by the Arc of Appalachia

The main purpose of this new blog is to update our donors and volunteers about invasive removal work days, events and general news about our organization.

This past fall we decided to approach our invasive work days differently than in the past by adding leaders to  properties and preserves and having work days for each. We ended up with five work days this fall, Fort Hill, Ridgeview Farm, Turkeyfoot Woods, Ohio River Bluffs and Shellbark Woods. All were well attended by wonderful volunteers that accomplished removing many invasive plants from the properties.

Next year we are holding many invasive work days with this same approach and are looking for any volunteers who would like to join us! Become a Volunteer with the Arc of Appalachia!

What are non-native invasive plants?

Non-native plants can be found in nearly every ecosystem in the world. One out of every three of Ohio’s plant species are non-native. Most of Ohio’s non-native plants hail from the temperate climates of Europe and Asia and have settled comfortably into our ecosystems. However, some non-native plants find that the insects, animals, and conditions that kept their numbers in balance in their home ecosystems are completely missing here. With nothing to stop them, they explode in numbers, in some cases completely displacing what was previously a high diversity in our native wildflowers and shrubs.

Some of the common invasive plants that grow at the Arc are Bush Honeysuckle, Multiflora Rose, Autumn Olive, and Garlic Mustard.

We need all the help we can get next Spring and Fall working with invasive plants. If you are interested please register for an volunteer event or contact Kayla at 937-365-1935 or services@arcofappalachia.org


— The Arc


  1. Susan Roderick

    I am so pleased to find out about you so I’m stopping by this weekend on my to my home farm in New Concord Ohio from Asheville NC. My friend Robin Hanes speaks very highly of your land protection and artistic efforts.

    • The Arc of Appalachia

      Looking forward to seeing you this weekend, Susan. The Appalachian Forest Museum will be open from 9 – 5 both Saturday and Sunday.

      Hope you have a wonderful time!

  2. Patti J Mizer

    Visited you this past week but forgot to purchase hat pins for my granddaughter & I. Can you tell me how to purchase & I will gladly pay for shipping. Thank you

    • The Arc of Appalachia

      Hi Patti,

      We actually don’t sale anything like that for the Arc of Appalachia. Serpent Mound may have something at their gift shop but this would only be for that particular park.

      We do not have a gift shop at the museum on Cave Road.

      Hope you had a wonderful visit.

  3. Sandy Koontz

    Do you have a view for people That can’t climb the tower? I’m handicapped can’t climb lot of steps.
    Thank you,


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