Volunteer Day: Clearing the Corridor to Steel Earthworks
with Arc Director, Nancy Stranahan and Archaeologist, Jarrod Burks

Sorry, this volunteer event has been cancelled

In 2014, Junction Earthworks was saved off the auction block in a dramatic bidding war between developers and the Arc and its nonprofit partners. Then, in 2016 its sister earthworks, Steel, came up for sale, and the Arc is now raising funds to finish off the purchase of this 68 acre tract, along with a 5-acre abandoned railroad corridor.

This is a first ever attempt, as we know it, to reunite two earthworks sites. The railroad corridor will serve as a connecting trail, offering visitors the opportunity to walk from one earthwork complex to the other, all on protected land.

The railroad corridor has been partially cleared of the larger invasive shrubs that closed in the walkway. Today we will be removing logs and fallen branches and any other obstacles in preparation for what will soon be regular mowing and maintenance of the Arc’s newest hiking trail in preparation for Steel Earthworks’ grand opening in 2018!


Physical Requirements

No invasive removal experience is necessary for this work day, and the tasks do not take a lot of physical endurance nor strength. Sawing or cutting invasive woody shrubs and trees at their bases does require squatting close to the ground, so workers on this task need flexibility and good joints. We will be applying herbicide in small quantities to the cut stumps and stems of the woody invasives. Volunteers will be trained in safe application.

What to Bring

Bring a bottle of drinking water and a packed lunch, and, if you do not have prescription glasses, bring a pair of sunglasses for eye protection. Dress for the weather, as this volunteer day will go on rain or shine, warm or chilly. If you have your own clippers, garden gloves with rubber coated protection, and light handsaws, bring them along. If you don’t, we can share our tools with you. Bugs and poison ivy will not be a problem.

No experience necessary!

Human beings are literally born to recognize plants in the woods. We’ve been doing it successfully for hundreds of thousands of years. You will be amazed how proficient you will become at plant recognition in just 20 minutes of time. Soon your hands and eyes do all the thinking for you and you can simply relax and enjoy the forest.


Please contact Kayla Hanning, Visitor Services Coordinator at services@arcofappalachia.org or 937-365-1935.