Visiting Plum Run Preserve

Located in Peebles, Ohio
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Opening to the public by Spring of 2018


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Directions to Plum Run

Off of Route 32 south on Mendenhall Road, just east of Peebles, OH 45660.

Directions from Columbus to Plum Run
Your final destination of Plum Run is approximately 90 miles from Outerbelt 270. To Begin: Get on the 270 Outerbelt around Columbus and head south. Exit on SR 23 and head south through Circleville. Use the right 2 lanes to take the US 23 S exit toward Waverly/US 50 W/Portsmouth. Continue on US-23 South for approximately 20 miles. Outside of Piketon, use the right lane to take OH-32/OH-124 ramp to Jackson/Cincinnati. Turn right onto OH-32 W/OH-124 W. Stay on OH-32 W for approximately 33 miles. Turn left onto Mendenhall Road. 

Directions from Cincinnati to Plum Run
Your final destination of Plum Run is approximately 60 miles from Outerbelt 275. To Begin: Get on the 275 outerbelt around Cincinnati and go to to the Newtown area (southeast corner of 27. If 275 were a clock the exit would be at 5:00). Exit on Route 32, the Appalachian Highway. Follow 32 east approximately 51 miles. Turn right onto Mendenhall Road.

714 Mendenhall Road, Peebles OH 45660