Turkeyfoot Woods & Crabtree Acres 

Expanding the Highlands Nature Sanctuary & Preserving the

Rocky Fork Gorge

Acres: 47    Total Cost:  $270,305    Balance to Raise:  $72,844

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When lands come up for sale in the Highlands Nature Sanctuary region, we have one, and only one chance to buy them.

Piecing the Preserve Together. The Singular Rocky Fork Gorge. At 2200 acres, the Highlands Nature Sanctuary is the oldest and largest of the Arc’s 16 preserves. At the heart of the preserve is the breathtakingly beautiful Rocky Fork Gorge, a 100 foot high steep-walled canyon renowned for its stunning rock formations, ancient White Cedars, spectacular wildflower displays, grottos, springs, and stone arches. The deepest section of the canyon runs parallel to historic Cave Road near the town of Bainbridge in Ross & Highland Counties.

More than 60 separate properties have been acquired over a 20 year period to piece together the Highlands Nature Sanctuary. Three tracts are in included in this campaign, Crabtree acres, Turkeyfoot Woods, both of them on Cave Road; and a third property at the entrance of Spargur Lane on the west side of the Sanctuary, a campaign property that is now fully funded. See More About Spargur Lane.

Turkeyfoot Woods is a 45 acre tract on the Rocky Fork Creek. It includes a prairie of Big Bluestem, whose grasses tower above one’s head in the fall. Crabtree Acres is a 2 acre lot that is being purchased with the long term plan of removing the house and returning the land to its natural state – one more step in the re-wilding of Cave Road.

View of Ceremony Hill from Turkeyfoot Woods
Native Big Bluestem Grasses grow in Turkeyfoot Woods' prairie