Trek to Barrier Ridge Volunteer Day

Saturday, March 10, 2018

10:00am – 2:00pm


The Barrier Ridge Trail at the Highlands Nature Sanctuary is a remote, deeply forested trail with great vistas in the winter. Just recently open to the public, this 3.5 mile loop trail is the longest in the Sanctuary and offers hikers additional mileage and a more challenging route than the Sanctuary’s other public trails.

Many hands make light work……

In an effort to make Barrier Ridge even more accessible and enjoyable for our hikers, the Arc of Appalachia will be building stairs at another of the more particularly challenging spots on the trail.  The task is easy and enjoyable and entails helping our Arc Steward Manager, Fern, carry wood and materials to the two work sites. If you wish to assist in assembling the staircase once the materials have arrived, we would love to have your help with that too (although it’s certainly not expected or required). Each volunteer is in charge of deciding how much or little they can comfortably carry (see note below), so please know “you’re in charge!” This will be our second volunteer day, the first of two stair cases has already been installed on the trail.

Please Bring….
All you need to bring is a bottle of water, a packed lunch, a pair of gloves, and sturdy walking shoes.

Physical Abilities
Volunteers with a wide range of physical capability can successfully perform this work. We hope to recruit a good number of participants to make the work as quick and painless as possible! The hike in will be up a long but gradual slope up to the construction site. The weight of the materials will be varied and each person can determine how much to carry based on their personal comfort level. Breaks will be encouraged. We will also be hauling in tools for assembling the staircase. If you are interested in helping to construct the staircase as well, please let us know!

Lodging is available at the Sanctuary on request.

Please contact Kayla at or by phone at 937-365-1935