School Groups


Serpent Mound offers schools a special opportunity to learn more about the American Indian cultures that have existed in southern Ohio for thousands of years, as well as learn about the native forest ecosystem that richly supported these cultures.


To Schedule Your Field Trip


Call 1-800-752-2757, or email We do not have indoor facilities, so field trips should be scheduled during warmer months only.


Cost of Field Trip


There is a parking fee of $8/vehicle if students partake in our gift shop. If students do not visit our gift shop a fee of $50/bus will be charged.


Maximum Size Served


The maximum group size is 100 but should be split into two seperate visits. A teacher or chaperone must be present with each group at all times.


Frequently Asked Questions


School groups can request an educational program given by Serpent Mound’s staff and trained volunteers, or opt to explore flexibility with a custom program. Bathrooms with flush toilets are available at the parking lot along with drinking fountains. The picnic shelter can be reserved for your school group’s lunch without extra charge, and can seat 200 children. The park has an interesting gift shop where children can purchase memorabilia, books, jewelry, replica artifacts and snacks and water.


Recommended Schedule


Depending on the time frame of your visit, most groups participate in 2 – 3 classes with a break for lunch in the shelter house.


Education Programs Offered


Educational Mound Tour Your group will be led around the Serpent Mound by a guide and given the historical facts and discuss the construction of the giant effigy.
Artifact Class – Real Native American artifacts will be discussed in detail and passed among the students.
Nature Hike – Exeperience our .5 mile nature trail with a guide, focusing on natural resources and how natives lived off the land.
Native American Games – This is a very hands-on experience for the students to become acquainted with the activities that were common to Native American children, and were skill building exercises.


  •  Atlatl Throwing – Students are given the oppourtunity to throw a rubber tipped spear using an Atlatl handle.  Safety is discussed in detail with each group.
  • Corn tossA skill game wherein students toss a corn cob affixed with a turkey feather through a woven ring target.
  • Double bag – An active game of hand/eye coordination using full body movement and play.


(NOTE: In inclement weather, we do offer variances of simple games that can be played under our shelter house. IE: Predator and prey- a sensory game, and for younger children we have a egg guarding game)

Native American Music Culture – Introduction to drumming and exploration of a variety of hand crafted instruments.