Visitors to Serpent Mound must abide by the following rules and regulations of Ohio History Connection, and its site manager, the Arc of Appalachia. Failure to comply with regulations can result in a verbal warning from staff, being asked to leave the park, or legal action, depending on the severity of the infringement.

Ohio History Connection
Regulations O.R.C. Section 155.05


  • The use or consumption of alcoholic beverages, hallucinogens or controlled substances.
  • Dumping of refuse.
  • Firearms or other explosive devices.
  • Pets in restored historic areas or buildings, (allowed in other areas on short leash).
  • Fires, camping or overnight parking without a special use permit.
  • Use of motorized vehicles, except in parking lots or driveways (motorized wheelchairs and accessibility devices excluded).
  • Metal detectors, skateboards, sledding or skating.
  • Admittance after dark without a special use permit.

The Arc of Appalachia Preserve System
Park Rules and Regulations of Site Manager (in addition to OHC’s prohibitions above)

  • Visitors must abide by all state and federal laws while at the park.
  • The visiting public must pay a parking fee of $8/vehicle.
  • Walking on the earthworks is prohibited.
  • Seeking and collecting artifacts is strictly prohibited.
  • Disturbing any natural feature, or disturbing or collecting plants, rocks, or wildlife is strictly prohibited.
  • Hunting, caving, fishing, rock climbing, wading, and swimming are prohibited.
  • Engaging in exceptionally loud or disturbing activities is prohibited.
  • All trash and personal items must be taken out of the park with you or disposed of in the designated bins at the park.
  • Smoking is prohibited inside all buildings, including private rentals.
  • Campfires or fires set for any purpose not specifically authorized are prohibited.

Hiking Trail Regulations

Use of the hiking trails is at your own risk. Visitors must stay strictly on the trail at all times, walking in single file to protect fragile trailside native wildflower bulbs and rhizomes. Walking or traveling off-trail is not permitted. Visitors must be aware that trails may be narrow, uneven, steep or follow high bluffs; with poison ivy and stinging nettle bordering some sections of the trails. Children must hike in the company of an adult guardian—keeping all youths in sight and closely attended at all times. Hikers must pack out all litter, refuse, and personal possessions when leaving the trails.