Groups Events at Serpent Mound & Picnic Shelter Rental

We welcome your group!

Serpent Mound is visited by a wide variety of groups, and serves as host to many different events, both public and private. The park has ample space for tour groups, gatherings, ceremonies, reunions, and programs. The picnic shelter can be rented for a fee of $50. Shelter Reservation fee includes a 50% discount on parking fees for some or all of your guests. Please inquire for details.

We appreciate it if groups let us know when they are coming, so we can best accommodate the group’s needs. Larger groups may require a permit, which can be obtained by providing some basic information and scheduling dates with the park manager.

Group Costs

There is no charge for attendees save the park’s normal $8/car parking fee.

Rent the Picnic Shelter

The picnic shelter at the park is generally open for anyone’s use, but can be reserved for your groups’ exclusive use for $50 per day. This small fee helps us with the cleanup and maintenance of the shelter. At this time, there is no electrical service at the shelter.

Please contact us to book your reservation for the picnic shelter.

Please Schedule Your Group in Advance, You May Need a Permit

If your group is a private group, and wishes to use the park non-exclusively for normal activities such as viewing the mounds, picnicking, hiking, and visiting the museum, then no special permission to visit is required. However, we do appreciate you scheduling any group in advance so we can best accommodate your needs and avoid having too many groups in the park at once. Please contact us to schedule your group.

For groups hosting events outside of normal park activities, a special permit is required. Please fill out the permit request form, which provides some basic information to the park manager.

Please note that groups cannot request exclusive use of the park, which is always open to the general public.

School Groups

The Arc of Appalachia is committed to children’s education, and offers memorable educational field trips at Serpent Mound for school groups.

Special Information & Regulations for Groups

Please be respectful of any staff requests. Failure to comply with regulations and staff requests may result in your group being asked to leave.

Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited in all public places, including Serpent Mound, by Ohio law.

Picnic shelter reservations permit exclusive use of the picnic shelter only. Please be respectful of other visitors to the park. Please leave the shelter house neat and tidy.

Uncontrollable or overly messy decor such as balloons, bubbles, glitter, and confetti is not permitted on the site.

Amplified music is prohibited (speakers, sound systems, etc) in order to grant a peaceful environment to park visitors. Acoustic music such as song, drumming, or guitar playing is welcome.

Groups are requested to be packed up and ready to leave at sunset, when the park closes.

Concessions are not available at the park. Please plan to bring your own.

Thank you for observing these regulations – we count on your help to protect this internationally significant historic site.