2019 Nature’s Choir Workshop

Passive Listening Field Trips by Night and Discovery Walks by Day

Field ID – Insect soundscape – Ecology – Nature Recording 

August 15 – 18, 2019

Guest Leaders: Ohio Musician, Composer, Instructor and Naturalist Lisa Rainsong  

& West Virginia Nature Photographer, Natural Sound Recorder, and Author Wil Hershberger 

Held at the Highlands Nature Sanctuary with field trips to other Arc preserves

$325/person includes six meals and all curriculum.

Optional lodging at the Highlands Nature Sanctuary –  $30/night per person shared; $60/night private

A world of sound!  Wil Hershberger says it best: “To many, the late summer chorus of insects is experienced as disembodied sound — a plethora of trills, scrapes, shuffles, buzzes, ticks, and chirps, that spring like magic from grass, shrubs, and trees. With few exceptions, the insect musicians themselves are difficult to find. Many are small and well camouflaged in their green and brown coats, and they sit motionless when they sing, blending into their surroundings. Some hide under or behind things, and many sing only in the dark of the night. So how does one find them? How does one catch a glimpse of the singers that are producing these wondrous sounds?”  (from Wil’s Songs of Insects website)
Join Wil Hershberger and Lisa Rainsong for a weekend devoted to unraveling the mystery of finding and identifying singing insects with both indoor instruction and outdoor field trips.
Slightly Musical Conehead. Photo by Wil Hershberger.
Dark Brown Straight-Lanced Meadow Katydid. Photo by Lisa Rainsong
Snowy Tree Cricket. Photo by Wil Hershberger.