Grasslands Bird Hike on International Migratory Bird Day

Co-Sponsored with Hopewell Culture National Historical Park

Saturday, May 13, 2017 9am – 11:30am; open to the first 22 registrants

Registration is closed.

Seip Mound is an immense 2000 year old American Indian Ceremonial site managed in grassland by the national park service. It is renowned for its diversity of grassland song birds, including birds that are rare in Southern Ohio. We hope to see grasshopper sparrows, Henslow sparrows, dickcissesls, blue grosbeaks and if we are lucky, bobolinks. We will also enjoy many species found along the forest edge, such as orchard orioles, northern orioles, scarlet tanagers, summer tanagers, great crested flycatchers and many wood warblers both passing through and nesting.

What to Bring

Binoculars are required to fully enjoy your experience and we recommend you bring a bird field guide if you have one. The hike will end right before lunch but you are welcome to bring a packed lunch to enjoy at the Seip Picnic area, or enjoy your lunch in nearby Bainbridge.

No experience necessary!

Beginners will be coached in recognizing birds new to their world.



Henslow Sparrow photo by John Watts
Scarlet Tanager Male