Sara Lewis, Author of Silent Sparks

Sara Lewis will be hosting our Firefly Weekend activities on Thursday in Cincinnati, and on Friday at the Highlands Nature Sanctuary. Sara is Professor of Biology at Tufts University in Massachusetts In addition to her many years of scientific research, she has worked hard to stay susceptible to wonder. Her efforts have not been in vain. Sara’s latest book, Silent Sparks: The Wondrous World of Fireflies (Princeton 2016), is an enchanting combination of content that stimulates the mind, provides food for the soul, and reads like a novel. You will close the last chapter feeling a heightened feeling of praise for fireflies, as well as vastly more educated on this rich subject! Watch the video and you will see what we mean by her artistic and well-balanced achievement. Silent Sparks is a passionate summons to reconnect with the magic of the natural world.Over the past thirty years, Sara’s scientific research into the luminous lives of fireflies has revealed many of their intimate secrets in the realms of firefly sex and death. Author of 80+ scientific papers, Lewis has also given a TED talk and has written about firefly conservation and evolution for Natural History, CNN, and The Guardian

John Howard, Naturalist 

John Howard possesses the best of all the qualities associated with “naturalist.” He has an insatiable curiosity and a perennial sense of wonder. He can tell you something interesting at the drop of the hat about everything from a stone to a sedge to a stonefly, and he can find amazing things in nature that the rest of us walk right by. Studying the backroads of Adams County his entire life, he knows nearly all – if not all – of the dragonflies, butterflies, plants, birds, amphibians and reptiles, and is working a good understanding of everything else. John has a particular fondness for insects – of which Adams County has more than its share of the odd and wonderful. Taking a nature walk with John is a rare privilege for even his close friends, who don’t think twice about driving half-way across the state for an opportunity to watch fireflies, catch  salamanders heading for the vernal pools, photograph the first spring flowers in bloom even if they are only 1/2 inch tall and tomorrow’s forecast calls for snow, or look for a new-to-science moth or caterpillar on an obscure plant. John has a full-time job at General Electric at the Peebles Jet Engine Testing Facility and supports a packed schedule of guided outings each year. Needless to say, we are thrilled to “snare” John for our Saturday firefly event!