Fern’s of the Eastern Forest – Day Workshop
with botanist, Steve McKee and Fern Enthusiast, Mark Hoberect

Saturday, July 21, 2018 – 9am – 5pm 

$75/Person includes all curriculum and lunch

Registration is now closed.

Ferns and lycophytes are one of the most attractive plant groups belonging to America’s Eastern Temperate Forest.

In the Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana tristate area, there are over 105 species. They are one of the most rugged plant groups on the planet, living in deep shade under the forest canopy, high alpine meadows, and even in sunny deserts. They are often one of the first plants to recover mineral soils after an ecological disruption. They are tough, resilient, adapted to disperse long distances, and of course incredibly beautiful.

This course focuses on teaching the natural history, and field recognition of the traditional ferns. Many of the species we will see are spread across much of the mid-latitude deciduous forests.

We will begin our day by hiking trails near the Appalachian Forest Museum at the Highlands Nature Sanctuary and moving on to Fort Hill in the afternoon. Lunch will be provided.

Your Leaders – Steve McKee and Mark Hoberecht

Steve McKee served as director of the Gorman Nature Center and the Richland County Park District for 35 years, and is now retired.  He grew up in Mansfield, graduated from Miami University with a master’s degree in botany, ran an environmental education school in the mountains of Kentucky, is married and has two sons.  He is enthusiastic about the natural history of north-central Ohio and southwest Utah, and is constantly working on surveys of ferns, wild plants and birds.


Mark Hoberecht is an amateur botanist and fern enthusiast from northeast Ohio.  His love of botany began as a teenager, with a special affinity for ferns and spring wildflowers.  Mark has helped conduct botanical surveys for the Western Reserve Land Conservancy and Cleveland Museum of Natural History.  He is a retired NASA engineer and lives with his wife in Lorain County.  Steve and Mark are currently working on a book about the ferns of Ohio, to be published by the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.