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In Our Hands


Making a Gift
the Arc of Appalachia Preserve System

A gift to the Earth does a world of good

The Arc of Appalachia is a non-profit organization, and we rely on donations and membership contributions to purchase preserve land, provide public services at our visitor centers, and maintain our preserves and their trail systems.


Ways to Contribute

1) Send a check to the Arc of Appalachia Preserve System, 7660 Cave Road, Bainbridge, OH 45612.

2) Donate using any major credit card over the phone by calling us at 937-365-1935.

3) Donate online with any major credit card or your PayPal account by clicking the donate button below.

4) Send an Arc membership to a friend! We will send a Friends of the Arc membership and a card indicating your gift.

Click here to Gift a Membership

Friends of the Arc Membership - Our Gift in Thanks

Donate $35 or more per year, and you will automatically become a Friends of the Arc member. As a thank you, all members receive our two yearly newsletters in the mail, and an invitation to our annual Donor Gathering. Additionally, new members will receive a Friends of the Arc decal and membership packet that includes all of our trail maps.

Simply attach the decal to your car window for:

The Aldo Leopold Preservation Society

Formed in 2012, the Aldo Leopold Preservation Society invites as members those individuals who have contributed gifts of over $1,000 during the year as a special thank you for their significant advancement of the Arc's mission.

"I am glad I shall never be young without wild country to be young in. Of what avail are forty freedoms without a blank spot on the map?"

-Aldo Leopold

Where does your money go?

The simplest most direct act we can do on behalf of biodiversity protection in the eastern United States is to acquire land and restore large block of our native ecosystems. The Arc is an extremely active land-buying organization. We reunite forest fragments, create contiguous forested river corridors, and buy up rare botanical and zoological hotspots.

Currently we manage over 4000 acres in southern Ohio in fourteen preserves, a region belonging to the high-diversity heartland of eastern America's temperate hardwood forest. Each year we seek out and purchase new land. Read more about what we do.


Land is expensive, but we only need to buy it once. How much land would you like to save? At today's rural forest prices, here's how far your money goes.

$35 700 square feet
$75 1300 square feet
$500 1/5 acre
$1000 2/5 acre
$2500 1 full acre
$5000 2 full acres
$10,000 4 full acres
$12,500 5 full acres


Our Promise to You

We value the privacy of your home and overflowing mailbox by sending you only one or two news mailings a year; and we value your donation by conducting a low-overhead and efficient operation. We never give out your mailing address or e-mail address to other parties; nor will we ever ply you with calendars or tote bags. What we will do is conduct our operation as frugally as humanly possible and turn your donation into the enduring gift of life and land.

Gifts of Stock, Charitable Remainder Trusts, and Endowments

The Arc of Appalachia has a strong partnership with the Columbus Foundation, who can give expert advice on charitable remainder trusts and other financial giving instruments. Currently the Foundation manages a fund in the Arc's name, called the Highlands Fund, and all donations to this fund are transferred to the Arc to further advance its mission.

If you are considering supporting the Arc of Appalachia Preserve System with a pivotal and long-lasting gift, call Brad Britton at the Columbus Foundation at 614-251-4000, extension 106.

For any questions about contributions, please call our main office at 937-365-1935

See our Official Mission Statement as recorded with Ohio's state and the federal government.
Do a charity review of our non-profit status and history at GuideStar.


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